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Thursday February 14th 2019

Singaporean PMET with 12 years of IT experience told to make way for cheaper labour

Dear Gilbert,

I have been following your site inception as that is the year I got retrenched. You have my admiration for supporting local Singaporeans in their darkest moment of their life. Since then, your site has driven me to fight on and I managed to secure employment later on. However, good things didn’t seem to last as I am back in the same predicament.

I am 35 years old and has a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (2001). I considered myself lucky as I’m still single and do not have much financial or domestic burden as compared to some of the postings. Nevertheless, the recent dismissal had taken quite a toll to my psyche and prompted me to write to you.

I have 12 years of working experience, and my last job was a Senior Executive managing ICT operations for financial institution. In November last year, I was told to tender my “resignation” in order to pave way for cheaper labour. Many of my friends have left IT industry citing reason of work/life imbalance & salary depression due to foreign labour influx. As I have interviewed quite a few number foreign labour with Master’s Degree qualification requesting $2500 for a junior position during an employment exercise.

I’m well aware of this but I soldier on as my life have been dedicated to the IT profession for so many years and I do not know of any other means of employment. Now, I’m back at the crossroads and I’m really at a loss, Gilbert whether should I continue to venture on in the IT industry or seek other fields. I’m no longer certain if I can see the light at the end of tunnel.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Regards,


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