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Wednesday February 13th 2019

Divorced woman of one son appeals to HDB for approval of loan eligibility

Hi Gilbert,

I am feeling so hopeless in my currently situation. I had been diagnosed with major depression this year. I need to go for regular blood test and on long-term medication for rheumatoid arthritis. I had a total thyroidectomy 2 years ago which I need to be on long term medication too after the surgery.

I am a divorced woman with a 13-year-old son and currently living in Punggol. My flat is still a joint tenancy with my ex spouse.

I have been trying to appeal for waiver of credit assessment for my HLE in order to take over the flat and I have went to look for my MP to write in a  letter of appeal too. But I still can’t get a HLE meaning I won’t be able to take over the flat and my son and I might be homeless soon if my ex spouse decides to legal action against me.

I have included all my correspondence with HDB and my divorce certificate. I am seeing a social worker in Punggol area too.

Please I really need some help. Taking over the flat is my only dream now. I need to take over the flat if not I will be homeless soon. I do not know how to carry on living if I am really homeless.

HDB should be compassionate enough to consider each person on a case-by-case situation. They shouldn’t use a template to brand everyone saying my salary is not high enough to get the loan and please try other means.

What other means do I still have? I don’t have any…feeling so frustrated and depressed.

Please help.

My contact no is 9858xxxx.

Homeless soon


To whom it may concern,

I, Goh XXX , NRIC S8536XXXX, would like to check my status of appeal for waiver of HLE credit assessment.

On the xxx, I went to meet-the-people session and ask my MP Dr Janil Puthucheary kindly to help me to write an appeal letter on my behalf.

I sincerely wanted to take over the flat at Block xxx Punggol Central and I am confident to be able to pay the current loan as I am working full time as Library Support Assistant. All this time I am the one who is paying the housing loan since December 2015.

If I am unable to take over the flat, I and my son will lose our place of living and it will greatly affect my son study who is currently studying in ABC Secondary School. Without a place of living I will definitely also lose my job.

I am also seeing a social worker at Punggol Family Centre. If you need further clarification of my situation, you can contact my social worker.

I really need this HLE approval in order to take over the flat. Please kindly take into consideration of my situation and understand my position and waiver off the credit assessment.

Thank you.

Your sincerely,


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  1. J Y says:

    Can you downgrade to a smaller flat in the same area so that you can take a smaller loan from HDB? Do you have to wait for at least 5 yrs in order to sell the current flat and buy a smaller one? Maybe you can ask your MP to help you to ask for a 2-rm flat from the SBF?

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