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Friday February 1st 2019

Jobless man with 20 years of security experience has to sell home to survive

Dear Mr Gilbert,

Good evening to you.

I have heard of you and I am aware that you have helped many people.

My name is Haniff. I have over 20 years of experience in the security industry. For the past 15 months I am not able to land in a job. I tried so hard but no one seems to give my application a chance. I have taken a lot of courses over the years but it seems like I am still not good enough.

I am in the process of selling my house as I have fallen back on my HDB instalments. I also have a son who at 14 needs a lot of money for schooling and ECA. I am really at a loss and I really need your help to guide me on what to do and who to approach for help. I have approached CDC but they only have guard jobs and I have written to WDA pending for their response.

I am contactable at 9239 xxxx. I am attaching my resume where you can see the list of courses that I have attended.

Appreciate direction and guidance from you.


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