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Friday January 25th 2019

Singaporean retrenched after working for ten years and blaming pro-foreigner hiring policy

We interviewed Rose online – who has been working for a Japanese company for the past ten years but was recently retrenched.

Transitioning: First of all, thanks for allowing us to interview you online and can you provide us with some background information on yourself?

Rose: I am 100% Singaporean who is born in Singapore and my parents are Singaporean too. I have been working in a Japanese MNC for more than ten years and last year I got retrenched.

Transitioning: What was your last occupation and you have told me that you were unemployed for a few months, can you tell us more about this and also your job search experience?

Rose: I worked as an Associate Engineer in the semi-con industry. I have been searching for similar jobs, through Jobstreet, Jobsbank, career gov, jobs agencies but without avail.

Transitioning: You have told me that you are currently jobless for more than six months, what did you do in order to survive? Did you also approach the CDC for assistance?

Rose: I have been using my saving and retrenchment payout for more than half a year. I did not approach CDC. As they only recommend non-technical jobs like cashier, cleaners, etc, (correct me if I am wrong).

Transitioning: Did you attend any interviews during the past few months and why do you think you are unsuccessful so far?

Rose: Yes, I went to more than ten interviews for past months. But sad to say that the interviewers want candidates that have the relevant skills and experiences and able to ‘plug and play’ in their company. My experience in backend test in semicons are not that impressive to them.

Transitioning: Tell us abit more about what you have learnt from your jobless experience and how it has impacted your family.

Rose: Its mentally stressful. I felt I am so useless and everyday seems goal-less and the same to me. I look moody and talk less with my family members. I tend to sleep more, taking afternoon naps and becoming very tired.

Transitioning: What do you think you could have done to shorten the unemployment period?

Rose: Maybe I ‘ll look for those part time/temp job or few-month contract jobs.

Transitioning: Do you think that Singapore is now a more difficult place to make a living?

Rose: Yes definitely, you can see that so many foreigners are around us. A lot of companies are hiring them as they are cheaper and with higher qualifications. Standard of living is so high and we pay all kinds of bills like PUB, rental, phone.

Transitioning: What do you think the government can do to alleviate the current employment situation?

Rose: Stop and reduce those FT employment passes and stop granting them citizenship.

Transitioning: Many people have blame foreigners for competing jobs with us, what is your view on this?

Rose: As I mentioned earlier.

Transitioning: Lastly, what’s your advice for those who are still jobless and feeling down?

Rose: Never give up searching for your career and job – but I am halfway giving up and feeling disheartened now.

End of interview

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One Response to “Singaporean retrenched after working for ten years and blaming pro-foreigner hiring policy”

  1. Jie Ming says:

    I noticed most letters written here were contributed by unemployed people. The most common factor for FT taking over the local jobs are having lower salaries and have higher qualifications. Why does the FT able to accept a lower salary? Will the locals able to match FT salary scale? Some locals will not be able to accept a lower salary as they find Singapore living standard is high. FT working here are also bound by high living standard too? Besides this, FT required to rent a place to stay. Many locals stay with their parents till they are married. Just by looking at these figures, we will know that FT expenses are also pretty high. Why are they still able to accept a lower salaries? FT are not compulsory to contribute CPF whereas the employers must make monthly CPF saving for the local workers. As a boss of a company, I would prefer FT workers because they are cheaper? Many many years ago, Singaporeans complained that FTs shouldn’t have compulsory CPF savings because these benefits are reserved for Singaporeans only. With no CPF saving for FTs, they became much cheaper to hire. I thought in order to keep our jobs, Singaporeans must make changes. It will be very tough but if we don’t make changes, more jobs would be given to FTs. If we are sick, we need to take medicine and get healthy again. Nobody loves to take medicine because they taste bad. But without medication how can we recovered? And we must make changes in order not to fall sick easily. Changes to our food intake and daily exercises. If we don’t exercise and make changes to what we eat, you may get sick again and it’ll be more serious than the last sickness. Think about it? Some may ask what changes we must do so? In the workforce, exercise means improving academically. Instead of complaining, we must make ourselves value for money. If the locals wanted higher salaries than they must show their employers they are a better worker than FTs. Do not become a coach potatoes worker.

    Lastly, we need to spend within our means. I am sure these changes will make us more valuable workers.

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