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Thursday January 24th 2019

Unemployed ex-teacher job-searching fruitlessly for 1.5 years and feeling anxious

Hi Gilbert,

I chanced upon your website helping follow Singaporeans overcome employment issues. I have been seeking other forms of job opportunities after leaving the education sector for the past 1.5 years but nothing is fruitful.

It seems that we ex-teachers are only relevant in education sectors. I wondered if I could arrange an appointment with the career counsellor to have a better perspective of my current status and would really like to seek your assistance in my job search.

Best Regards,

Alice Lee


Hi Alice,

I felt sorry for the bad experiences that you have gone through. From your emails, I could sense your sadness, of unjustified emotional deprivation and frustration. To this point, you have taken great courage to them all square, this is really commendable.

Please do continue to be strong and thanks for allowing us to walk the difficult times with you.

There is no magic formula that would make ones out of their problem situation. However, there are assessment approaches which we could use to access the problem situation that ones are in and make therapeutic adjustments along those difficult situations.

It is through your continual being strong and showing perseverance that enabled the work of therapeutic elicit of positive thoughts and self-empowerment.

Never give up and do take care of yourself. By the way, by taking good care of yourself well is one way of being kind to yourself too.


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  1. this2shallpass says:

    Dear Alice,

    Try going to this site and take the test. It will show you what other professions are suitable to your personality.

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