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Wednesday November 28th 2018

Kids taken away from custody of parents by MSF even after negative drug test

Dear Ms Ng (PSD),

I’m writing to your department as I’ve exhausted all means of seeking redress from both SPF and MSF.

MSF has initially promised to release my kids to me from child protection via an agreement we signed but have since backtracked on it.

My husband and I received a rude shock on 1 Nov when 10 police officers raided our home in MacPherson based on a tipoff by MSF, claiming we were high on drugs. My husband and I were therefore handcuffed in front of our kids and brought back to Bedok division for urine test. CNB officers were subsequently called in due to the nature of the case but were puzzled as our urine test returned negative one by one. We were also at the receiving end of various explicits, demanding that we admit the drug consumption that we never did.

MSF then told my father that my kids will remain in their custody for 3 – 4 months but extendable.

I find this highly distressing on 2 counts, firstly we were never on drugs and have no records of it and secondly, we are kept in the dark about the real reason behind the detention of our kids by MSF.

I may be suffering from anxiety but am not crazy. I have looked after my kids with no issues for the past 3 years as I was the one who bore them for 9 months. My kids are my life!

I have suffered enough ordeals from an abused and traumatized childhood, would like to live out my days peacefully with my family but am not given the chance nor having the Islamic community support and guidance. My child has taken ill while in foster care.

Hence, I hope you will look into my petition and assist me in this judgemental and elitist society!

Yours faithfully,

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One Response to “Kids taken away from custody of parents by MSF even after negative drug test”

  1. sam choo says:

    Siti, the sad truth is that MSF can hold your child in custody for as long as they want even though there are no charges against you. There is nothing you can do about it. Even if you engage a lawyer and talk logic, it won’t work. Asking your MP to appeal on your behalf won’t work either. You are not the first to experience this situation.

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