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Tuesday November 13th 2018

Jobless PMET disappointed with WSG’s career coach who recommends a cleaner job

Dear Panel,

Thank you for the referral to WSG which is actually futile.
I concluded the appointment with a Mr Cheng (Senior Career Coach) feeling more discouraged and distressed than before the meeting.
The coach is extremely sarcastic and apathetic towards my situation and asked if I actually wanted a job or career, if my skills is on par with others (foreigners)? He further said a toilet cleaner is also a job and he can provide me if I wanted it!
He ended by telling me to think things through if I want a job or career and provided me with their template resume. A career according to the Coach is a Lifelong commitment until death. WSG later called telling me that the Panel has made a wrong referral to Lifelong Learning Institute as they’re not the right agency to assist with job search.
I wonder if foreign talents have to go through the same insults and grilling when easily locating a job here? Through this incident, I realise the whole Singapore system is a sham! From the Elections, to the inadequate Social Safety Nets, to the PAP appointed Judges right down to the Wayang Politicians. I have not seen either Denise Phua or Adrian Sim at my area again after the last elections.
I really do not know what the future is for youngsters like myself and if our elders still believe in the government’s lack of vision for the Country post-LKY?
Yours faithfully,
H W Ang
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  1. J Y says:

    Not only the career coach behaved that way. Even your parents, siblings, friends or relatives can behave that way. And the coach was just a stranger who had met you for once only. Even people you have known for years can behave in that way. It is the reality in the world today. Many people will at most listen quietly to your plight but couldn’t provide any help. Maybe they can just say things like you can approach the coach who also cannot help much.

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