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Tuesday November 20th 2018

Homeless low-wage worker earning $1200 and sleeping outside Arab St for past decade

Dear Ms Ng/PSD,

I am writing to your office as HDB has conveyed to me that they’re unable to help in my homelessness due to prevailing Legislation that prevents a foreign spouse from renting a HDB unit together with Singaporeans.

I hope the government can reconsider this issue even as I continue to sleep on the streets around Kg Glam. Arab St has become a popular spot for Muslim destitutes like myself who has lived here like this for the last decade. No one truly cares about us except 1 Mr Gilbert Goh who occasionally drops by with his volunteers to distribute essentials.

I’m only a low-wage worker of $1200 in this Country of several millionaires and am unable to afford a 3 room BTO or SBF. Food is also becoming increasingly unaffordable, even at Hawkers and a decent Halal meal costs at least $8.

I don’t think I qualify for any social assistance as SSO considers me gainfully employed and “sustainable”. Hence, I hope you will look into my predicament and render the necessary assistance to end my life on the streets.

Yours faithfully
Salleh Bin Madik

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