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Tuesday November 6th 2018

48-year-old jobless PMET with mobile line cut off desperate for work

Hi Gilbert,

I sincerely hope you could help me as I’m at wits end. I’m 48 now and been out of job since last August. Worst is my new house is coming and I am penniless I’ve been trying to get a job and only a handful had requested me for an interview but eventually it’s always they want younger staff or my salary is too high which is not true cos of my experience in IT I’ve only ask for $2.3K which is around the average.

I’ve been to numerous job and employment agencies as well and all to no avail…it’s very disheartening.

I’ve sent tonnes of email all to no avail..I really hope you can help me. My mobile line is cut off as well and it’s only a matter of time before my internet gets cut too. That’s now my only means to apply for job. if I lose it too it’s going to be even more tougher.

I’m willing to do most any job as long as it’s not too physical as I’m diabetic type 2 I can work slightly longer hours if I have to just not too physical like requiring strength as my energy level is not as good as normal people.

I’ve owed phone company bills and bank loans and can’t pay back for months now and am unable to have proper meals I really am on the verge of total breakdown. I really need your help…Please help Gilbert I really can’t take this anymore.

Sylvanus Lim

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  1. this2shallpass says:

    Dear Sylvanus, I am not trying to be cruel, but – as we say in the IT industry – your story does not compute.

    The median salary for a fresh graduate with an IT related degree is in the high $3K. If you claim to have extensive IT experience and are only asking for $2.3K, you are signalling that your experience is worse than worthless. The hiring manager may be looking for someone younger but definitely not someone at a lower salary.

    The IT industry is a tough one. Technologies that were cutting edge 5 years ago may now be considered obsolete. It is an industry for people who are willing to put in the hours to work as well as to constantly upgrading themselves. I know this because I held various IT management positions for over 30 years. If you are competing for a programming position, you have some significant disadvantages, especially if you cannot put in the hours because of your health condition. Unless you have some special skills that the company happens to need, you will find it very hard to find a job.

    There are other issues with your story as well. Your home internet connection is not the ONLY way for you to look for a job. You can always go to a library where they have free wi-fi. If you are penniless after 3 months without a job, you have been living beyond your means (unless you meant to say August last year which would be more reasonable). If you have a new house coming, you can always sell it and use the money to support yourself for a while.

    If you want to dig yourself out of this hole you need to be more creative and aggressive. I am watching this from the outside but it seems that there are avenues that you have not explored. How about being a Grab driver for the time being? What other sellable skills do you have? What kind of networking have you been doing?

    I wish you the best of luck.

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