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Monday August 19th 2019

Husband relieved that depressed wife manages to secure a job after a year of searching

Hi Gilbert,

Good day to you.

I just want to drop you an email to express my thanks and appreciation for all you have done for me and all Singaporeans. Your website is not only a source of encouragement for those who are unemployed and their love ones. Your website also serve as a warning of the things to come if we are not careful in planning our finances and also our career!

My wife who is a local graduate with a accountancy degree was out of work for a year. For the first half of the year, she was resting and taking care of my grandfather who has gotten cancer and thankfully recovered from the dreadful disease. My wife got into depression due to the fact she could not find a job for past 5 months. She worked in many big prestigious banks (ie. Barclays, Citibank, etc) and had always been a dedicated employee. However, due to her job role and perhaps bad luck, her tenure was always cut short because her job has been outsourced to other cheaper locations (ie. Malaysia, India, Philippines and even Poland). The good news is that she had recently gotten a job and will be starting soon in a bank even though it’s a contract role. We accepted the fact given her job role specialization, a contract role will be the norm.

I almost wanted to write in to you to seek further counseling as I was really struggling in how I should be a good support to her given that we are not financially strapped and I had given her a very big allowance (around a thousand) every month and yet she feels very emotional, temperamental, highly irritable and sometimes suicidal.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your great efforts in helping down and out Singaporeans and I was inspired by you as I really enjoy going around to find whatever “connections” and “lobangs” I have to help my friends who are out of work. I am proud to say I managed to make 2 job connections and it really brings me great satisfaction to know that I make a difference in my friends’ life. And it’s also my good karma that I know such good Singaporean managers who are more than happy to employ down and out Singaporeans!

I hope you will continue in your good work!


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