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Friday November 9th 2018

43-year-old PMET struggling with unemployment for a year and requesting for ebook

Hi Gilbert,

Came across your site and it is sad to read the many challenges the job seekers in Singapore are currently facing.

I can relate to that as I have been job searching for close to 1 year. i am 43 this year. I left my previous organisation to address a medical matter of an immediate family member which has now been fully resolved.

Upon returning to the job market, I realize many things have changed and applying to jobs are so much easier now. Just a click of the Send button and your profile/resume would be out there to the virtual world. But like what is happening to many of the comments I read on your site, its the response back from recruiters/companies(or lack of) that are the truly demoralizing part of the search. Even with customized CVs, targeted companies, connecting with companies/managers on LinkedIn, these requests mostly gets ignored.

I have even dropped my expected salary and applied for lower level roles hoping to at least secure an interview, but to no avail.

Have enrolled to multiple classes/job fairs at WSG with no success till date. Even fellow participants have commented if the companies are really interested in hiring SG workers.

Even the career counselling I had with e2i did not produce any networking opportunities, just alerts to job fairs not within my relevant experience.

Feeling increasingly aimless and helpless on how should I proceed.

I hope your ebook “How To Survive Unemployment” can help to provide some tips on how to overcome the emotional blues of unemployment.

Continuing on my journey.


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5 Responses to “43-year-old PMET struggling with unemployment for a year and requesting for ebook”

  1. Jie Ming says:

    Hi! Sim,

    It’s good for you to wanting to read a self-improvement ebook on ‘How to survive unemployment’. You can read plenty of these books but also have to make use of what are mentioned in it. A lot also depend how yourself which way or direction we go from there.

    No one can predict what’s next. Do not read when we are retrenched but read while we are still under employment. The whole world has been changing ever since digital age came into our life. So in order to stay employed, we must stay competitive. As Singapore is also flooded with FT, we must create a niche of yourself. By lowering your expected salary does not really help because those who are also seeking for a full time job can also lower their expected salaries. As human behavior we tend to think lower prices may not be good hence the prices are lower. Instead you should have something where others do not process. As you mentioned you are 43-year-old now. So why does your future employers employ you when others are much younger? So at the Nd, it’s value for market most important

  2. Roy says:

    Just a thought: with full time employment becoming a rarity these days, and with the gig economy really kicking in, why not shift mindset a bit and focus on providing your skillsets as a service to companies, instead of becoming an employee? At 43, you would probably have enough experience, knowledge and skills to do ad hoc consulting in your field.

  3. You should set your mind on the saying try and try until you succeed and that’s pretty much it!

  4. FAS says:

    Why haven’t they stopped flooding Singapore with foreign trash? And lying about it for 10 years?? 90% of staff in my current and previous company are foreigner Indians!! All managers are foreigner Indians!! They are all foreign trash! They are all incompetent with fake or rubbish third world qualifications. While Tharman and the PAP openly lie that only 30% of the workers are foreigners! How could they do this to us? They have destroyed lives of thousands of Singaporeans!! In my current and previous office, 90 people are foreigner Indians trash with rubbish qualifications. Only 2 Singaporeans!

    • this2shallpass says:

      FAS, is your company a charity? Does the owner have piles of money and he is just itching to flush it down the toilet? If not, why would it hire all these people who are “incompetent”? You need to get real. Companies are in the business of making money. If these foreign talents (they are not trash, they are your fellow human beings) are not contributing more than they cost the company, they would have been sent back a long time ago. If an Indian costs a company $1K but can bring in $2K, then it is a good deal for the company. If a Singaporean costs $2.5K but can only bring in the same $2K, then it makes not sense for the company to hire a Singaporean. That is just the fact of life.

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