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Saturday October 6th 2018

43-year-old PMET struggling with unemployment for a year and requesting for ebook

Hi Gilbert,

Came across your site and it is sad to read the many challenges the job seekers in Singapore are currently facing.

I can relate to that as I have been job searching for close to 1 year. i am 43 this year. I left my previous organisation to address a medical matter of an immediate family member which has now been fully resolved.

Upon returning to the job market, I realize many things have changed and applying to jobs are so much easier now. Just a click of the Send button and your profile/resume would be out there to the virtual world. But like what is happening to many of the comments I read on your site, its the response back from recruiters/companies(or lack of) that are the truly demoralizing part of the search. Even with customized CVs, targeted companies, connecting with companies/managers on LinkedIn, these requests mostly gets ignored.

I have even dropped my expected salary and applied for lower level roles hoping to at least secure an interview, but to no avail.

Have enrolled to multiple classes/job fairs at WSG with no success till date. Even fellow participants have commented if the companies are really interested in hiring SG workers.

Even the career counselling I had with e2i did not produce any networking opportunities, just alerts to job fairs not within my relevant experience.

Feeling increasingly aimless and helpless on how should I proceed.

I hope your ebook “How To Survive Unemployment” can help to provide some tips on how to overcome the emotional blues of unemployment.

Continuing on my journey.


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