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Thursday November 1st 2018

Dutch professional enquiring on the lifestyle in Singapore

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, and would like to ask you all for your opinion on living in Singapore long term.

I am Dutch, currently living in Japan, and there is quite a high chance that sometime next year I will be moving to SG, possibly forever. I have been to Singapore several times on holiday, but that’s obviously not the same as living there, so I would like to ask all of you living there:

- what are the best things about living in Singapore?
- and what do you consider the worst?

I know these are all personal opinions, and aren’t the same for everyone, but I would like to get a better idea of what to expect :)

I apologize if this question has been asked before (couldn’t find it). If that’s the case, please redirect me to the correct topic.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by B_B


Coming from the Netherlands and Japan, your greatest culture shock will probably be the corner-cutting culture. Think of it as a mini version of China. It is not as extreme but will affect all facets of your daily life there.

People don’t apply themselves and try to put their best foot forward in their endeavors. You can see this in shoddy workmanship e.g. building construction, customer service and the way businesses are run. Stories of bad contractors, car dealers, landlords and how businesses are run abound on this board.

You can find some exceptions and usually it comes from the public (govt) sector. They tend to provide prompt and efficient service. But can quickly become clueless and robotic if you need help outside of the usual and mundane stuff.

And there is the money-worshipping. Going to great length just to save $.50 (another form of corner-cutting?) . Which is not inherently wrong by itself until it inconveniences others.

On the plus side, plenty of affordable, cook-to-order food that is readily available i.e. hawker centers. If you choose carefully, you will usually find some healthy options.

A well-run airport which makes it a breeze to fly in and out of i.e. if you are doing a lot of traveling.

And all the perks that come with living in a small and compact city e.g. well-connected transportation network and abundance of amenities like parks, stores, town center, swimming pools and sports facilities.

Posted by Earthfriendly

Editor’s note: This post is retrieved from Singapore Expats forum.

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