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Saturday October 27th 2018

Reader asking for ebook “How to survive unemployment” for his jobless brother

Dear Gilbert,

I have been a reader on your website

I am writing to ask if you can share the free online version of your book “How to survive unemployment” with me. I am currently employed, but am asking on behalf of my brother who lost his job and has been unemployed for 2 months.

I only knew about his unemployment today as he hid the information from us and is becoming depressed and withdrawn after repeated unsuccessful interviews.

I am not sure how to help him, as we are both men and I feel he is uncomfortable sharing his problems with us. I hope to pass him the book and he can get encouragement or help from there.

I will also read this book myself to prepare myself, as I see so many cases of people losing their jobs and my company has recently announced a hiring freeze and suddenly all the interns were told they will not be employed. It may be a sign of worsening time.


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