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Saturday October 6th 2018

E2i refers company to us seeking for suitable PMETs to fill positions

Hi Gilbert,

I was referred to you by the receptionist at e2i. I am reaching out to you to see whether you know of any mature workers who are looking for a job.

Our company is actually expanding and looking to hire a few extra staff. Seeing the news on how our Singapore workforce is having a hard time, we would like to try to reach out to hire more mature workers. However, a lot of them are not on the online job posting sites that our company usually uses. I am currently working with WSG to find suitable candidates, but the staff at e2i said you might know of some candidates that are eagerly looking for a job.

Attached is one of our job openings. If you know of suitable candidates, please let us know.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Editor’s note: If you are keen on the mentioned marketing executive/admin position, please write in to us at We will forward your resumes to the employer.

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