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Friday October 5th 2018

43-year-old secretary for 20 years jobless for 7 months and seeking support

Hi Carmela,

Me too! Been searching for a job for 7 months now.

I even cut my pay expectation by $1K and still not successful.

I’ve been to many interviews but no luck so far. I’m also wondering if my age (43) is the problem.

I’ve been working as a secretary for 20 years.

My last boss resigned 3 months into his job and caused me and my team to be made redundant.

Thanks to him I’m having a very difficult time now!

I get emotional and upset at times and came upon this website trying to find out if there’s some group support for people like us.

I hope you get a job soon! And i hope for myself too.

Let’s stay positive!!

All the best!!


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2 Responses to “43-year-old secretary for 20 years jobless for 7 months and seeking support”

  1. Jie Ming says:

    Hi! Lisa,

    Everyone does not like to be jobless because we are living in a place where we always hear from friends, ‘We can die but cannot fall sick in Singapore’. The thoughts of been retrenched and not been able to land a new job can be very stressful especially if one has a family to support. However think positive. We are usually very busy with full time job that some details in our life may never being noticed. So this is a time whereby one can look in those areas and make some changes. One example, you can spend more time with your family. Or upgrade yourself academically? If you asked whether 40+ of age is a problem for been rejected. I would say no. The first mindset is to making sure your salary for your employer is a value for money. For your age to continue getting employed, you must have qualities that your younger colleagues don’t have. Once you have them, your job is very secured. I can’t tell you what you should have or don’t have. You know yourself better than others. It’s pointless to keep feeling sad or lost of your temper. It brings matter to dead end. Best of luck!

  2. Khalid says:

    Be strong. I was also in the same situation. I was worse for me. I was hired for a contract to perm arrangement. But the boss resigned my second month and I was left hanging until the new boss came in 7 months later. By then the company started costs cutting and I was told to continue contract or nothing. It was so frustrating. I gave up because it was so unethical of them. They hired a CECA dependent pass to replace me.

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