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Thursday October 3rd 2019

PMET failed teaching practicum and felt depressed having to pay $130,000 in bond

I went through 2 years’ training at the National Institute of Education (NIE) and did extremely well, getting A’s and B’s for all my theory & practical courses, including:

*ICT for Meaningful Learning (A-)
*Teaching and Learning of Primary Mathematics (B+)
*Anatomical & Biomechanical Foundations of PE (A-)
*Curriculum gymnastics (A)
*Instructional Strategies in Physical Education (A-)
*Track & Field (A-)

NIE also selected me to attend an immersion programme in Denmark to learn about the Danish teaching curriculum & their Folkeskolen. In fact, during NIE, I was told to “just be myself and I will make a great teacher!”.

Then, things took a drastic turn – During the 10-week teaching practicum in my 2nd year, everything changed, including the following which have happened:

1. The “mentors” who were assigned to guide me never did.
2. One teacher even assessed me as a ‘Pass’, then 2+ weeks later, downgraded her same assessment of me into a ‘Fail’ without giving any reason at all.
3. Until today, I still do not know why was I failed for my final practicum.

I asked many questions, including:

[1] During the entire 2 years of my life spent in NIE, every teaching staff gave me glowing feedback & no one ever highlighted my teaching deficiencies (if there’s any). Why?

[2] One of my “mentors” downgrading her assessment of me late into the final weeks of the practicum, changing it from Pass to Fail, without providing her reason. Why?

[3] Those “mentors” never guided me during my 10-month teaching practicum. Why?

MOE never enlightened me on any of the above.
Instead, all the above were brushed aside and the straightforward conclusion was: The system didn’t ‘pass’ me, so I’m to pay back $130K to the system (in addition to a 5.5% annual interest).

But… I’ve already sacrificed 3 years of my life BOTH in contract teaching & as a NIE trainee teacher, only to end up with NOTHING at the end of these 3 years.

Believe me.. to lose both my working years and all my life savings in this way is WAY WAY DEPRESSING. I am just a mere citizen, who am I to argue against the big & powerful MOE?


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on our site.

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2 Responses to “PMET failed teaching practicum and felt depressed having to pay $130,000 in bond”

  1. Jie Ming says:

    Hi! Charlie,

    Upon reading your letter I can only say you maybe going through a rough time in your life.

    Bear in mind whatever things you do may not ended up as you had wished for. This is part of our life we have to go through. You may think you have tried your best or have not been able to get answers from your questions. In life, there are lots of questions not been answered. I thought you should put all these question marks aside and move on with your life. If you can not pass through this hurdle, do you think you are able to get through much more of hurdles in your later life.

    Of course you may think to end your life so you will not have to go through more hurdles in your future. Of course you can choose to end your life. But let me tell you, the world is still revolving through. Your friends may feel sad about your sudden departure but soon not one remembered you again. I think there will be only two persons living in sadness when the day you left. They are your father and mother. I sure think you are only a coward. Your departure left bitterness in your parent’s memories. The long time, happiness or sorrows they brought you up are all gone.

    Do remember if you decided to end your life, ended with glory.

    Do not be such a coward!

  2. Ms Wisdom says:

    Why don’t u become a tutor or teach in tuition centres/private schools?

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