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Monday October 1st 2018

Jobless Singaporean PMET moved back to London and found job within a month

Hello Gilbert,

Roughly about a month or so after our meeting, I packed up my stuff and moved back to my adopted country the UK. Within one month while living in London, my ex-boss offered me my old job and with a big raise in salary and benefits. If I had stayed in Singapore I would in high probability continue to be unemployed but right now I’m extremely happy to be back in London with an excellent job and lifestyle.

Recently I met a number of Singaporeans living/working/studying in the UK and my advice to them is to stay put, they will be happier in the UK and don’t ever think of moving back to Singapore because they will for sure regret making this decision!

I wish you all the best and also thanking your hard work to keep this transitioning communication channel running.


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3 Responses to “Jobless Singaporean PMET moved back to London and found job within a month”

  1. Juni says:

    Those who can afford to leave Sink-A-Poor are the lucky ones.

  2. mac wee says:

    congratulation and well done.

    as jesus said; “prophets had no honour in their hometown”. likewise, we should make ourselves useful by living overseas. forget about sg.

  3. Rayne says:

    May I know what you work as and can you recommend another to work with you?

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