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Monday September 3rd 2018

Trainee teacher fails Maths practicum and may commit suicide to pay MOE $130,000 bond using insurance

Hi Zul,

I graduated from Hwa Chong (8 distinctions), has honours degree from NUS in Engineering, and had 3 years’ experience as a corporate trainer prior to joining MOE as a trainee teacher.

Like your daughter, I also failed my practicum and was asked to pay $130K (i.e. Monthly $2000+ installment payments over roughly 6 years).

The primary school math teacher who supervised me during practicum initially gave me a Pass, then 2 weeks later downgraded that same assessment into a Fail, without giving any reason. Principal also told me being “smart” doesn’t mean I’m fit to teach primary school Math.

I’ve brought evidence of these up to MOE but they’ve brushed it aside. Because of the failed practicum, I ended up jobless for 13 months. At age 40, I was retrenched recently from my job in 2018.

But MOE doesn’t care about all these bread-and-butter issues, and still wants me to cough out $130K. I have a life insurance which was meant for my aged parents in case I were to die prematurely. If MOE pushes me to the brink, the only solution is to end my life so that MOE can get its $130K from my insurer.


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2 Responses to “Trainee teacher fails Maths practicum and may commit suicide to pay MOE $130,000 bond using insurance”

  1. God says:

    O Charlie,

    Please spare a thought for your aged parents! Commit suicide will not solve the problem.

    Your parents will be heart broken if you chose to die your own way. ok

  2. Practical Pessimist says:

    Don’t commit suicide.

    1.) insurance doesn’t cover = no money to pay debt. Check your insurance properly

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