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Saturday September 22nd 2018

Kevin Kwan – NS defaultor but making it good abroad

Yet another heavyweight Singaporean making it good abroad after defaulting his national service liability in 1994 – Kevin Kwan of Crazy Rich Asians fame  – straight after the footballer Ben Davis saga. My belief is that there are more than a few hundred Singaporeans or PR who have defaulted on their NS liability and these people have no intention to return home to serve NS or answer to their defaults as that would mean a possible jail sentence.

I have not seen the film yet but heard its freaky good and more so because it is written by a Singaporean.

My heart was saying – good on him – as chances are he won’t be able to do half as good if he stays on to serve his NS and came out all goofy doofy as a “Yes Sir” NSman but that is all to it really.

If you enjoyed being humiliated with all the tekkaning by sadistic corporals and sergeants then go all out for the BMT/NS – it is rather third world army training and nothing professional about it. There is nothing grand that ties tekkan to protecting your mother-land and frankly there is zero talk on partiotism and nation building during your NS! Most of it will revolve round obeying some shitty orders to clean up the tiolet or trying to book out as often as you can to escape the madhouse.

You will be called a lunatic if you speak anything remotely about serving your country while performing your NS. Moreover, what’s there to protect nowadays? The one million three hundred thousand foreigners who have landed upon our shore? No thanks…

Most people I knew entered NS with the lofty idea of the Ah Boy to Man syndrome but most will get disappointed as  half the time we lazed around in the canteen or barracks after BMT during our service period except when we are on the exercise field. The whole journey path of  the 2-year NS is actually to plan for your ORD!

Why can’t the government drop the idea of compulsory of conscription and adopt a full professional army instead – like what most civilised first world countries will do? We have the funds and our boys will serve whole-heartedly if they are paid $2000/month as a professional soldier rather than the measly $200/month.

Let me remind all that technically we are not at war at all with the Malaysians or the Indonesians – not by a million years but yes we must stay prepared as we are so small and vulnerable that if all of our Indonesian friends will to decide to lit up the forest again nearby we will suffocate to death no need to drop any bomb or soldier at all.

Moreover, being a very small country, any ground troop mobilization will be suicidal given that we have nowhere to run and building up a rapid airforce is the only best defence we have in case of a true war-like situation. In addition, can and will our part-time NSmen go to war professionally if the situation calls?

I remembered during war exercise scenario, we will establish Red buffer war zone in Johore but is it achievable given the half-baked soldiers we have in our NSmen? Even though we served 2 years as fulltime NSmen with another 13 years as reservists, it will really be trying to fight a war professionally given the geographic terrain we have around us.

Our best weapon will probably be humble diplomacy so that everyone will respect us but of course a professional army with advanced weaponry to boot in case the game turns ugly especially with a anti-Singapore Mahathir in the helm now.

The compulsory conscription has on the other hand hurt many Singaporeans who have to give up their dreams and goals for two years and for people like Ben Davies and Kevin Yap that is way too much to set aside – even if it is for the lofty purpose of doing it for your country.

There should be a better way…scrap NS and let us seek for a better professional army who can ably serve the country.

Written by: Gilbert

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  1. Hello says:

    Filthy rich PAP should watch the movie !!!

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