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Monday September 3rd 2018

Ex-drug addict finding it tough to get a job and seeking assistance

Hi Gilbert.

I stumble upon your website. I am a father of 2 with my wife currently pregnant giving birth really soon this mid August.

I’m working on a daily basis job. I obtained a WSQ diploma in Tourism. Currently I am doing level B WSH study and in Oct and I will be doing diploma in a local poly as a part timer.

I have a hard time securing a full time job which will able to suit my school schedule – it is on week day night and weekend hence I need an office hour job.

Plus I’m an ex-con who has served time in detention barrack in the year 2011 for drug use. I am a N level drop up. But I have been reshaping my life ever since though I am still struggling to get a good job in the line I like best.

My financial is running really low for me to sustain a month before the next pay day (if I got a full time job) and I am really worried as my wife is giving birth really soon as I am kinda broke with little to no saving left.


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