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Wednesday August 29th 2018

F & B entrepreneur at Bugis appealing for business flexibility from MOM

Dear Mrs Josephine Teo,

Warmest greetings and I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits!

I’m an entrepreneur running a humble beverage store at Bugis Junction and hope to bring to your attention the immense difficulties in sustaining such a business.

While I can comprehend the sentiments of hiring fellow Singaporeans first, I hope your colleagues and yourself can examine the numerous gaps in existing policies and try to tweak them to ensure our economy not only remains competitive but also to keep the social fabric intact as the stability of the oountry very much depends on it!

Contracting a space from state-owned CapitaLand Malls entails with it several clauses entirely favorable to only CapitaLand which includes being solely responsible for any defects even though tenants still have to contribute towards “maintenance” and “marketing” fees.

Fulfilling the quota for hiring of foreign labor is also vastly unfair as the foreign worker is able to just quit at will and rejoin another sector without much difficulty, a privilege previously enjoyed by only citizens.

Artificial inflation of land prices is another disastrous practice that create bubbles in many sectors which cause hardships for successive governments and generations like how the 99-years HDB lease issue is plaguing your government colleagues presently.

Regular inspections by CPF Board must be conducted on conglomerates who are exploiting vulnerable elderly for a small monetary benefit to utilize their particulars to fraudulently hire foreign workers. It’s not that our elderly are employed in “high numbers” but that the CPF is lax in its enforcement.

In conclusion, I hope that schemes initiated by your ministry can be simplified without the need for 3rd party “agents” who charge high fees for its administration so as to enable employers to effectively pass on these benefits to the Singaporean workers like what President Trump is currently doing for his citizens.

With our Nation entering into a new phrase at a cross junction, I hope MOM will institute new changes with a new minister at the helm!

Yours sincerely,

CS Tan

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from an email copied to us.


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