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Wednesday August 8th 2018

Supportive wife happy that husband jobless for 5 years driving Grab

Thank you Gilbert for your concern.

There has been no improvement. My husband is still feeling a lot of inertia and self-doubt.

Even when he is on a positive mood swing, he would talk about taking up a course or becoming a Grab driver but nothing will materialise.

I have been trying to coax him to go for CBT but he refuses. I am also quite frustrated that the times I managed to get him to see the psychiatrist and even the psychologist – they were not insistent enough that he should take up CBT. They cited that only if he believes in it and want to change, then it will work. When a person is not well – how would he be reacting normally to this question?

My biggest quest right now is to get him to see a counsellor , get some help to address his root issues . Without curing his depression, he would never ever find a job again.

Not sure if you think I am on the right track? I really have no other alternative except to keep asking him to see a counsellor or psychologist.

Latest update:

Hi Gilbert thank you for your follow up. He has started working. He finally picked up courage and applied to drive Grab. He feels happy with what he is doing – no office polities, easy goals. If customers are tough, he only sees them once . I am glad for the change, after 5 long years!


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