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Monday August 20th 2018

Comment: Poverty is used by the government to win votes?

Poverty is a powerful tool which can used by those in power. A cycle of handing out cash freebies is both addictive to the one receiving and the one providing.

Do not get me wrong as I believe people in need of help for that moment to survive and I am all supportive that they be given the help they need.

On the other hand something is wrong when those received help can no longer survive on their own when help ceases… this thus creates opportunities for politicians to exploit the polling box. Especially true when our civil services (are they servant or slaves?) do not act independently from political power influences as their chiefs are directly associated to political party and has the need to protect their position and income.

We Singaporeans complain a lot but is even more afraid of the unknown beast created by the devil standing right before our face. We are so educated and yet so ignorant. In fact, this world has becoming more the same to one another among the advanced nation than yesteryear. Policies and decision made in Singapore by politicians are similar to those made somewhere else. The main difference is that our workers are much less protected.

When I say protected, it is not about how much Singaporeans should be better or advantaged in working condition or preferences than foreigners but foreigners should have the same working condition as ours. Why would we allow low-wage foreign workers in shipping/construction industry just to make Singaporeans look stupid by saying we don’t want to work in that condition/industry? If we made them get the same pay and not allowing foreign workers to live in dormitory as they have to settle their own accommodation that will give us a “fairer” share and better integration with our society.

But alas, by not seeing them we think it is better? Having them hiding at one corner of the island and earn unfair wages in unfair living condition made us feel more “Atas”? We are simply paying the price for our naivete and illusion through our ignorance.

Malaysia is evolving. We are not (yet). Perhaps some of us can only be green with envy of what they can do with their votes. And perhaps Trump will teach us a hefty lesson if trade war should show us that without our own industry and people, we will be nothing. If foreigners leave us tomorrow, we won’t be able to build HDB and construct ships, then something is very wrong with us. We are to be blamed as we are democratic nation that our government is voted in by us in peaceful election.

Strange breed we are but not strange if we came across this phrase known as “Stockholm Syndrome”.


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