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Friday July 27th 2018

50-year-old Singaporean threatened by CPF Board to pay up $26, 763 of owed Medisave

Hi Gilbert

I just received a letter from CPF board.

They are threatening me with a LOD to pay up by 30 July 2018 the full amount of $26,763.46.

A couple of months back I did manage to get a so-called instalment plan.

But their plan was ridiculous. They wanted me to pay in 4 installment with an initial “downpayment” of about $10,000.

I can’t even negotiate anything else. The worst thing is that I got a GIRO payment with them. That GIRO payment was for a monthly voluntary contribution of $100 to my medisave account.

They tried to deduct $10,000 from my bank. I guess it’s fortunate that I don’t have that much. Imagine if I had that amount in my bank, a legal roberry would have been committed.

I did told them that I can’t afford that amount. I can afford only $100 monthly. Currently I can’t get any employment and now driving as a PHV driver for Grab.

I did try a few of their so-called job-placement. Unfortunately, I can’t fit in because I was self-employed as a salesperson for a good portion of life (about 25 years). I’m currently 50 years old.

I do not “own” a HDB flat and now just renting.


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