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Thursday August 2nd 2018

Needy family seeking assistance on SP bill of $600 before cut-off on 25 July


Morning Mr Goh.

One of my friends has refer me to you for assistance. I have already went to SSO for help but it takes time.

I need help in my SP bill and house rental, currently my husband is not working as he is suffering for severe back pain due to his kidney stones… I am also waiting to go back to work after my youngest has secured a place in infant care.

My husband now is working odd jobs to make ends meet while waiting for his pain to subside and he will continue back to work.

My SP bill is now standing at $600 and needs assistance as they will plug off on this 25th.

At least $300 needs to be paid to stop them from cutting off the electricity.

I’m trying hard to get help from my siblings but as you see none are able to help readily.. it takes time.

I have 5 kids and if electricity is being cut off, they have no fans to sleep with and especially my youngest daughter she has ezcema so she can’t be warm.


Editor’s note: If you can help in any way, please let us know. You can also pay any amount to the outstanding bill by going to any AXS machine by keying in the account number reflected on the bill.

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