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Saturday July 28th 2018

Ex-convict couple with daily wage of $65 seeking assistance

Hi Mr Goh

Came across your facebook and saw that you help people…can I enquire what kind of help you offer and could I keep this conversation confidential? My wife and I are having financial difficulties right now.

Both of us used to be ex-convicts and our family support is not that strong. I hope you get what I mean? And we had just got married in April.

She is a single mom with a 11-year-old son. I’m working as a mover with a daily pay of $65 and my wife is a house wife taking care of her son.

But she is intending to start work soon to actually help out in the house hold.

Can I enquire what kind of service you could actually offer to help? But if its a no…I am fine with it.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely


Editor’s note: Permission was sought to post the message on our site with the name changed. If you wish to provide any form of assistance please let us know. We support the Yellow Ribbon project to give others a second chance in life.

If you are an ex-offender and currently struggle with livelihood, please write to us so that we can assist you. We are able to provide a small amount of cash plus food aid for temporary assistance subject to some minor checks.

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  1. Lim Zhi Wei says:


    We are from Clean @ Workz Pte Ltd. We are on yellow ribbon project too. We would like to offer job assistance to ex convicts seeking a new leash of life.

    Please do get in touch with us at 8569 0209.

    Thank you

    Zhi Wei

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