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Monday July 30th 2018

50-year-old jobless PMET in construction line feeling desperate and reaching out

Dear Sir,

My name is Goh, age 50 years old and have being working in the construction industry as a safety practitioner since 1995 – after resigning from the statutory board for 9.5 years in 1993.

I have recently quit from a local company and since then, I have applied for jobs non-stop but there is no reply. I applied for the same trade in the construction industry asking for the last-drawn salary from my last employer which is $4800 negotiable depending on the job scope.

I have worked for a Chinese company before on a lower salary scale and struggled for 2 years of about $3200, but ended up taking loans to cover my expenses. The company gave empty promises and had very poor management skills as all the HODs are from China.

The same goes to the last local company that terminated me. Now I am really drowned because I have to pay for my monthly bills and loans.

I am seeking your help to see what I should do, I am always a multi-task worker in the construction industry and not calculative as long as the boss is not a miser.

I have approached CDC, but they don’t seem to be of much help to me and worst, my foreign wife was separated by the authorities from me for almost 2 years without any valid reason.

I kept applying and seeking the help of trusted MPs of the Punggol Zone but they are all useless – they gave me blunt excuses and even their lawyer can’t help me much.

I am available if you need to meet me in person.

Thank you and regards,


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  1. xyz says:

    Punggol huh??

    In GE2015, 72.9% of Pasir Ris-Punggol voted for PAP.

    Enough said.

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