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Thursday July 26th 2018

PMET facing the sack from government-linked company and seeking advice

Hi Gilbert

Writing to you for advice on how to seek recourse from MOM.

I have been in this company for 2.5 years. During my first year, I was actually underemployed and not doing my main work as my ex-assistant manager assigned me to do manual data entry. At that time I gritted my teeth and decided to stay on instead of quitting as I didn’t want to leave without a job. Luckily I had great colleagues who helped me out. However the ex-assistant manager badmouth me to my new supervisor…

During my second year in this company, a new management team took over the company and my previous department was restructured. I ended in this pervert’s department in which I was under-employed and at one time, did nothing for 6+ months. The pervert went to the extent of monitoring my colleagues and my movements. My colleagues and I managed to kick him out but unfortunately his boss hated me. I was unaware at first.

Then during my current year in this company, my new supervisor joined the company. This would be my 3rd supervisor. He was very slow with technology and I was slightly impatient. I raised my voice slightly and got told off by his boss. What I didn’t expect was that they decided to put up a job notice for my current job, removed my bonus and told me that issuing a PIP was useless because I was not a good cultural fit. This was even after I receive praises from other colleagues stating that I was very prompt to reply their queries. The new supervisor, his boss and HR even told me to find another job as soon as possible! Then last week, my colleague tipped me off that the new supervisor told them that my replacement has been found.

Now I’m thinking if I should make a complaint to MOM? Ack then, my resume writing was lousy but I managed to get a total of 6 interviews and 1 job offer. However back then, I declined the job offer as it was too far from my home i.e. 1.5 hours commute. Now as of this time of writing, I am still considered employed with the company and am waiting for the interviewers to get back to me. One company has got back to me that they were interested in me but no concrete job offer yet.

Thanks for reading this. I always thought these shady office politics were limited to private companies but this company was government linked. Anyway lesson learnt. I learnt that I should update my resume monthly, pay for my own training and find a job fast if there is a new management taking over next time.

Best Regards
Jaded worker


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  1. Sdtan says:

    I wish you all the best in your new job. Please state your conditions clearly to your new employee.
    1. You have the right to shout at your supervisor whenever you see fit.
    2. Your supervisor has no right to assign jobs which you think as “underemployed” by you.

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