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Wednesday July 25th 2018

Healthcare whistleblower: Difficult to claim Eldershield using criteria 3 out of six activities of daily living

I have worked in a government hospital, and the problem with Eldershield is that it is VERY difficult to claim using the 3 out of 6 ADLs (activities of living daily) criteria. From what we know, Careshield uses the same criteria.

It is even more hard, as the criteria allows for modification e.g. using 1 hand to wipe yourself with a wet towel is considered as “able to bathe independently”, or using 1 hand to use a modified spork to scoop up food from a modified plate with high & curved-in sides.

Wearing clothes & shoes modified with Velcro means “able to dress independently”. Being able to push yourself on a wheelchair means “able to ambulate independently”.

And nowadays with electric wheelchair even worse, as you just need 1 hand to operate a small joystick.

Hence even if a person has both legs and 1 arm amputated, as long as he is able to sit upright and use 1 arm, it is NOT possible to qualify for Careshield or Eldershield.

Many patients get rejected …. And doctors often need to pacify families by refilling the application forms and modifying the assessments. Not all doctors are willing to put their career or reputation on the line to exaggerate the claims on the application forms, in order to increase the chances for successful Eldershield payout.


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