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Sunday August 11th 2019

Retrenched Singaporean facing difficulty securing Comcare assistance from SSO

Dear MSF,

Thank you for your response.

I regret that I’m unable to produce the NRIC and bank passbook of my parents as stated in my previous feedback due to the fact of my parents’ repeated stance in refusing to help me in anyway, nor involving themselves in my process of seeking aid from your good office.

This stems from their staunch belief of self-reliance as propagated by the LKY government hence, they do not believe the employment situation here have changed much since then.

I hope that reading this and truly being on the ground, you realise how much things have changed to the point where ITE grads and below have severe difficulties securing prospects and jobs that advertise through the Workforce exploits those in my situation by offering below average salaries when the poverty rate here is $1800 and below.

The “many helping hands” approach does not work out too as agencies other than the SSO are unable to help much, citing budget constraints. They will then refer you back to SSO which stringent criteria, many will not be able to meet.

In view of this, I hope you can re-look into my case and render much-needed assistance urgently. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Yap


Dear Jim Yap

We refer to your email below.

We have financial, employment and training assistance schemes to help those who require our service.  Our Officers will need to do an assessment and interview you to better understand your concerns.

You will need to approach the nearest Social Service Office (SSO) near your estate for a discussion, bringing along the following documents, if applicable.

•             NRIC (of all adults in household)

•             Birth certificate (of all children in household)

•             Marriage or Divorce certificate

•             Latest payslip/ Recent Employment Letter/CPF Statement

•             Updated Bank account passbook/ statement showing all pages (of all adults in household)

•             Latest Medical Certificate (of all adults in household, if any), stating its duration and whether they are currently fit/unfit for work

•             Latest bill (Power supply, Town Council, HDB letter, etc)

To identify which SSO you belong to, you can refer to this website- Social Service Offices – Ministry of Social and Family Development, and key in your postal code under ‘Enter Your Location’, located above the map. After you have located which SSO, you may wish to walk/call-in to find out more on how they are able to assist you with your needs.

Please note the operating hours is as follows:

•             Monday to Friday – 9am to 5.30pm (Last registration at 5pm)

•             Closed for lunch – 1pm to 2pm

•             Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

Please contact our toll-free ComCare Call helpline at 1800-222-0000 for further enquiries.

Thank you.


Service Delivery and Coordination Division (SDCD)

Service Policy and Services Group (SPSG)

Ministry of Social and Family Development


Dear Panel,

I’m currently unemployed for the past 2 months due to a lay-off restructuring of my previous delivery job and have been surviving on a $40 weekly part-time job.

I’ve been unable to find a job with my higher NITEC Cert and those that avail offer below average salaries with no guarantees of employment.

Relationship with my parents have been strained as a result as they think I’m not contributing enough to the family, hence, they are not only not helping me but harbouring thoughts of driving me out too.

I hope that you can look into my dire situation and stop compelling my elderly parents who are unable to help out with this predicament that I’m going through. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Yap

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Retrenched Singaporean facing difficulty securing Comcare assistance from SSO”

  1. Jeremy Gwee says:

    Singaporeans are about 2 million and after 50 years of nation building we still kowtow to the foreigners. MoM is simply hopeless. Unless the people take their grievance to the ballot box nothing will be done to promote that Singaporeans are as good as any ang mo! The employment act is here to screw us all regardless of race language or religion. What is the use of having one of the best education systems in the world or world class financial center when our people are still deemed not able to run MNCs in Singapore.

  2. alan23 says:

    I think one can must be very destitute will SSO give you $200 immediately. My wife met a hourly paid Karaoke DJ. She said there was a time when she could not find any work, show the SSO her bank balance of a few dollars.(she is renting n estranged from siblings n her 80yr old mum is a cleaner…). Then shw was given $200 immediate assistance.

  3. xyz says:

    Frankly the govt will simply tell you to accept any job offer, even if it’s cleaning toilets or washing dishes at hawker centre. Whether it pays $800 or $8,000 is none of their business.

    With your background in delivery job, the very obvious recommendation SSO will make is to point you to the many $5 an hour delivery riders by fast food outlets.

    They will tell you: Full-time job paying $5 / hour still better than $40-a-week parttime job.

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