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Monday July 16th 2018

PMET seeking career assistance after quitting job due to tension and anxiety

Hi Gilbert,

I’ve gotten your email contact from which my friend Eric has strongly recommended me.

Here’s my current situation at my current job as a Web cum graphic designer, I have tendered resignation last Wednesday because it is affecting my health. I experience tension and anxiety as it has never happen before in my working life. As my probation is ending hence I decided to quit without a job and to also add on, I went for interview 2 weeks ago but did not secure the new job.

I am currently serving 2 weeks’ notice until 11th July, and I will be jobless then. Therefore Eric suggested that you may be of help for jobseekers who have lost their job or can’t get employment in Singapore.

Attached is my resume, which you may find it useful to understand what are my experiences and strengths. Or able to provide some practical assistance be it career guidance or coaching.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply,


Editor’s note: We will be providing the writer with our pro-bono coaching assistance.

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