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Saturday July 14th 2018

Comment: Obselete IT skills reason why jobless PMET unable to land job?


As you know a business analyst may not need to write programs, but he/she needs to have an understanding of the technologies that will be used for whatever business application he/she is analyzing. Otherwise he/she will not be able to communicate effectively with the programmers. Most of the technologies you listed above are antiquated (Wang VS? Wang Lab went bankrupt 25 years ago, where would you even find a computer running Wang VS? Likewise, Netware and Astra are long gone).

Your experience will only be useful to some banks trying to make a few more tweaks to old applications way past their “used by” dates. That is a very tiny job market and there is little wonder that you found it hard to land a job.

Banking is now being done by smartphones. E-payment is replacing ATMs just as ATMs replaced bank tellers. The Business Times said that Singapore will be cashless and cheque-free by 2025. Banks are looking for new ways to perform Big Data Business Analytics so as to monetize their customer information.

How familiar are you with the technologies undergirding those systems? In the two years that you were job hunting, did you pick up any new technologies such as Linux, HTML5, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, or Hadoop?

You sound like someone who is very fast with an abacus in a world where everyone is using a calculator. As you continue to look for a job, I would suggest that you also spend some time updating your skills.


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