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Thursday July 5th 2018

Retrenched PMET left Singapore and returning as a tourist in future

Hi Gilbert,

Thank you for all these years in maintaining this site, providing mental support to our broken Singapore dreams and visions. You provide us with a valuable platform helping one another in need…

In 2006, I learned this phrase “The people get the government they deserve”. Many things run on deaf ears on the current administration and those who can should never rule out leaving this city island where our dreams are limited by those who rule us and when we walk out, it frees our soul.

In 2015, I was made redundant, although I had known such day will come when I was just in my mid-20s during the 90, I know the time has come for me to look beyond Singapore if I want a healthy mind and live my life.

In 2018, I started my route of no-return and like many of those before me, is moving towards giving up Singapore, the land where I was born, with fading memories… and the only way to yield our savings is to throw in our towel and let those who dream continue theirs.

Only up till recently I realised that between 55 and official retirement age (which keep increasing), this country is leaving us to fend for ourselves in the vacuum of time providing us with false sense of employability and lies covering further worsening our quality of life.

There are many things Singaporean can do so much more for the country, we are so much more educated and learned compared to 2 generations before us… yet many more of us are politically naive and it takes a lot of courage from this generation to help future generations. Pardon me my directness in language as I am more disappointed with the people than the one over-lording us.

Someday when I return to Singapore as tourist I will want to meet you for friendly kopi session.

Cheers, do stay in good health.


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  1. Matt says:

    Dear Mike,

    Good day to you! Well written article and agreed with you all the way.
    Myself, I have been living away from this SGP for many years now.
    I wish you all the very best and stay healthy too.


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