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Tuesday July 3rd 2018

Comment: Ethnic Chinese foreigners getting PR or citizenship easily – is it right?

Since 2012, Singapore has clamped down hard on non-Chinese foreigners, especially pinoys and India Indians – not just for PR application but even renewal of work passes. I have seen many work permit and S-passes rejected for renewal after those foreigners have been working in Singapore for 8-10 years.

I also know of many non-Chinese PRs who were rejected for their children’s PR applications. Some are very obvious e.g. applying PR for daughter but not for son, or applying only when about to go into Primary school. By doing this, ICA is indirectly forcing them to leave Singapore as foreigner school fee is very expensive.

I’m happy that government is taking harder stance against foreigners who are taking advantage of Singapore’s “easy” and pro-foreigner system.

However there are still 2 big problems:

1. Government still make it too easy for ethnic Chinese foreigners to get PRs, just because the government wants to maintain or increase the racial quota. My relative goes to a spa where the PRC and Malaysian Chinese masseuses can get PR after 1 or 2 years working there. You also see things like PRC bus drivers, taxi drivers, property agents, etc. easily getting PR and new citizenship.

2. For every one of those PR application or work pass renewal being rejected, ICA still brings in another 1 or 2 foreigners to replace.

So for non-Chinese foreigners, government wants them to continue come to Singapore, work for a few years then FO.

For ethnic-Chinese foreigners, government wants them to come to Singapore and stay on to become PRs or even new citizens.

PS: BTW for US PR (i.e. green card) it is 1,000X harder to get than Singapore PR.

Now under Trump, even the H1B work pass is very tough to get even as software specialist or electrical engineer or doctor.


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  1. SAF says:

    Really? Then why is my company (large MNC) is full of third world foreign trash?? 90% of the staff is foreigner Indians and they are all incredibly incompetent and retarted.

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