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Monday July 1st 2019

Jobseeker conned into interviews for financial consultant position

Dear Gilbert,

My name is Joseph. Thank you for reading my email. The reason why I wrote to you is because of my recent encounter with one of the companies which is hiring candidates through a particular recruitment agency.

I saw the job posting on Jobstreet regarding this telecommunications company hiring for business development executive – with basic and commission. And eventually the recruiter from agency arranged the interview for me.

Monday I went down once to meet the CTO, Tuesday went down again and he feedbacks to the recruiter that he would like to offer me the position. The next day I can sign the letter of offer after meeting the CEO.

Because of this, I turned down two interviews which may in turn be potential for me to land  a job after looking around for a month.

End up yesterday, after meeting them I was ask to role play with the CEO for 40 mins. After the role play, the CEO says they will need to discuss about my application for the role.

Ended up, I didn’t get to sign anything which I felt cheated, wasted my time and my effort of going down for 3 days to their office at Raffles Place – Singapore Land Tower.

Today, the recruiter got back to me saying that they are interested to hire me. But it is a totally different package whereby during the first 3 months, there shall be no basic salary and it is purely commission base. Only after confirmation, then there will be paid a basic salary of $3000.

I have family commitment with one kid. I have bills to pay, my kid is still young at only three plus years old. Though my spouse is working, I would need to get employed quickly if not the burden will be on my spouse alone.

How would I be able to survive without a salary? Who will pay for my transport expenses? And meals’ expenses if the client wishes to meet at Starbucks to listen about the company products? Who is going to bear the cost? And it didn’t mention that they will reimburse me for my transport or any other expenses as well.

I would like to caution jobseekers to stay away from this company called ‘VTalkers’.

You have been warned.

Best Regards



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