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Monday June 25th 2018

PMET jobless for three years and reaching out for assistance

Dear REACH Panel,

I’m residing at Bedok South Ave 1 and have been unsuccessfully trying to request for assistance in locating a job.

I’ve been unemployed for the last 3 years and every interview I attended results in no calls. But I still see foreign workers on WP & S-Passes being employed ever so easily despite quotas that are supposed to be in place. They can also change jobs at will (and still get their passes approved) – a privilege I thought was only enjoyed by Singaporeans.

My parents are in their eighties, have no savings or CPF and we’re all finding it hard to make ends meet. We have had to forgo our meals at times just to pay for the outstanding. Our water and light may be terminated.

My siblings themselves barely make enough for their own family but the government still insists they have to support both families. With uncontrolled inflation, very grim job prospects and liberal immigration, I really do not know where we Singaporeans stand in our own country and government policies!

Yours faithfully,

G.M. How

Editor’s note: The article is emailed to us and also to TNP and REACH.

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5 Responses to “PMET jobless for three years and reaching out for assistance”

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi GM How,

    I read your story with extreme sadness and empathy. If only our uncaring Singapore government could read your story and really do something to stop the FT flood gate, there is really no hope and no future for us, the true blue Singapore citizens. I cannot imagine how vicious and cruel these government folks are.. It seems like they are happy to see their own people suffer!! No wonder there were so many commenters mentioning “Party Against People”.

    • xyz says:

      That’s because civil servants & “govt people” are also typical Sinkies and human beings. They will look after their own future & benefits rather than yours.

      Hence even if the laws & regulations are sia-lan against fellow singaporeans, they will still follow accordingly.

      What for stick out their necks & go the extra mile for you?!? Not going to get promotion or bigger bonus right??

      In fact may get blacklisted by their managers, directors and perm secs.

      You see, the actual job of civil servants is NOT to look after the people — their job is to follow & execute the laws & regulations.

      So whose job is it to change policies to be more pro-Singaporean?? It is YOU & ME!!!

      When we go to the polls during GE, we are actually hiring or firing the staff (ministers) who we think can give us the policies that we want.

      So what kind of policies Sinkies get is what they deserve. Simple as that.

  2. Ignas Tang says:

    Although I can empathize with Mr How, I am just wondering why Mr How did not go straight to his MP for assistance?

    Also, I totally agree that some foreigners are seemingly getting a job too easily but what might be other factors that Mr How is unemployed? Did Mr How apply to e2i or SSG-WSG for further assistance?

    Lastly, when Mr How mentioned that the “government still insists [his siblings] have to support both families”, does that mean that they had already approach the relevant governmental agencies for help and was refused helped? If so, why were they refused?

    Look I am not trying to defend the government or anyone here, but reading the article raises questions; questions that should /would support the gaps in policies and/or operations of the policies – if so, then perhaps with many voices we can raise those gaps to the government to consider for change. Otherwise, sharing our personal stories here would be nothing more than just complaining/venting and advocated no action for change from the relevant authorities.

    Wouldn’t you think so?

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Mr How,
    I read your article with full of empathy, My name is Matt, I am also a fellow Singaporean just like you…I understand the job market for we Singaporeans and You are right on all counts.
    May I kindly suggest to you to look outside the box…I know its easy for me to say.
    It will be very difficult to understand why I said this-as I have experience this before in job search here in Singapore and I was really planning to return to SGP…but like you said….
    I don’t what is your work background perhaps you may kindly like to share this with us!
    I sincerely wish you and your family well and best of luck to all.
    Warm regards

  4. You Die Your Business says:

    Sorry but i really feel that the author is a total whiner and loser.

    While I agree that Singapore has weak employment laws and citizens get displaced in favor of foreigners, I find it hard to take the author’s side because he left out any information about himself.

    For one to be unemployed that long it is very hard to believe. How can he survive that long with no income? Who is supporting him?

    Does the author even have realistic expectations?

    If you know very well that a certain industry is never going to employ you, no amount of waiting/blaming/complaining is going to help with the situation.

    Since he knows very well he has aged parents, and his siblings cannot help, why not try other forms of employment?

    If one is willing to bite the bullet, there are many forms of alternative work available. Grab driving, F&B, Retail, Security Guard. These openings are abundant, why don’t the author try that? It is low pay, it is demeaning, but its better than nothing right?

    Sitting there just whining is not going to help. Money is not going to fall from the sky. The government is not going to change overnight or become generous & benevolent all of a sudden.

    Most importantly, who did the author vote for in the last GE?


    If so, he has no right to complain !! He deserved the government he chose !!

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