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Tuesday June 26th 2018

Indian IT boss willing to hire 20 Singaporean IT personnel

Hi Gilbert,

Met you at your rally. For me, I am currently driving Grab to supplement my household expenses, despite having a contract job.

Last Friday, I met an Indian IT Boss, according to him he needs to employ at least 20 Singapore IT staff as MOM will be cutting off the WP IT quota for his company.  He looks and sound sincere in employing Singaporean IT people.

His name is Mr Nazeer, HP 9271-xxxx.  He owns five IT companies around Asean. He told me he is willing to pay from S$4k to S$13k, depending on experience and job duties.

I passed you his contact. IF he ask how you got his contact, tell him my name is Charlie. I have sent him from Beach Road to Toa Payoh. He will offer me a $300 introduction fees per each successful candidate.

I believe you can help our retrenched IT PMET guys to find jobs as you got their contacts too.

Do contact Mr Nazeer and work with him to get our people productive again.

Warmest Regards,


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One Response to “Indian IT boss willing to hire 20 Singaporean IT personnel”

  1. Bryan says:

    If there r many of these Indian IT Boss that’s gonna hire the locals S’porean citizens, train them & groom them, then I think S’pore local citizens workforces got hope liao. If every S’poreans bosses got give chances or fair work consideration to hire local S’poreans then this would prevent many social ills and inequality in this little island city. A ‘Team S’pore’ is not good enough, we need many of these Teams to be really a cohesive, inclusive society helping each other to betterest each other lives. A bee isn’t good by itself as we need many bees to work cohesively in a hive. May this Labour Day blesses the Teams S’poreans Workforce May the Force be with u 4 u.

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