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Thursday May 3rd 2018

Swiss IT new graduate trying his luck in Singapore for jobs


Because I couldn‘t find any satisfied answers, I try it here.

First something about my background:-

I‘m from Switzerland and did a 4 year apprenticeship (Swiss federal diploma) in Information Technology. To deepen my knowledge I decided to study Computer Science at a University of Applied Sciences after my apprenticeship. Actually I‘m planning to finish my Bachelor this summer.

Now I try to find a job abroad and Singapore is one of my preferred destination.

- Is it even possible for a newbie like me to find a job in Singapore in the field of Software Engineering or System Engineering?

- Does IT companies look for foreigner or prefer especially locals?

- Does sombody have any tips for the job search?

- Has anybody behave the same way as me (search a job as Swiss)?

Thanks in advance for your answer and help!

Best Veqno

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted at Singapore Expats forum.

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2 Responses to “Swiss IT new graduate trying his luck in Singapore for jobs”

  1. RUSure says:

    Hi Veqno,

    Walaueh, for a Swiss IT person to search for a job in this sardine pack tiny little island city? R u kidding me? S’pore has aspired to become Swiss standard of living back in the 80s. It looks like our leaders has over-shot its target & its the Swiss turn to aspire to be like us — the most expensive city in the world! Just a reminder to that Swiss fellow if u found a job here — just be here & earn ur keep & kindly don’t look down on the local people here cos they r being squeezed left right centre by their own leaders. Don’t be shock to see many tissues selling uncle or aunties & don’t be surprised to see many elderly still working as cleaners in food courts & its super efficient systems of collecting more monies from the people. So r u sure u wanna work here?

    • Anthony Tan says:

      Don’t be shocked when you find out some of these uncles, aunties and elderly are genuine masters degree holders and were once holding senior positions in reputable organisations!

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