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Monday April 30th 2018

Singaporean gave up citizenship to be a Australian due to work reason

Describe a little about yourself e.g. name, citizenship history (if any), educational background, work experiences.

I am a Singaporean by background (birth), formerly a Singaporean by nationality and now an Australian.

Where are you living now and why do you choose that location?

Australia. I could not get job stability in my ļ¬eld in Singapore. I faced a lot of racism in entering other ļ¬elds that my training allowed.

What are the general challenges faced in living overseas? (Housing, Food, Languages, Culture, Weather, Discrimination, Transportation, Schools, Community, etc)

Starting up is hard, we don’t have a community support like in Singapore.

Did your family moved with you and if so, how is your family coping? Are they happy or do they want to move back to Singapore?

They like Australia more than Singapore due to lower racism and better quality of life.

Was it diļ¬ƒcult to get jobs while staying abroad? Describe your job search experience and how different it is from Singapore.

It was easier than in Singapore.

Was the work culture similar or different than Singapore? Describe the working culture, expectations and conditions.

Bullying by bad supervisors is not easy and prevalent here as in Singapore due to laws.

What precious lessons did you learn from living overseas?

Singapore is not as secure as it was previously.

What are your reasons for wanting to move overseas to work, live, study and/or migrate?


At this point, would you want to return to Singapore eventually or prefer to settle down in your new place permanently?

I have had to give up my Singapore citizenship and take up Australian citizenship in order work for the Australian government.

What are your regrets till date and will you do it again if given a choice?

As a minority, I should not have studied and worked too hard in Singapore, just aim for a more secure living like being a policeman or ļ¬reman. Singapore offers minorities more opportunities if they are either yes men in the elite/senior ranks of government or if they opt for lower skilled positions in civil service.

What are your advice for Singaporeans aspiring to live, work, study or migrate overseas?

Learn the economic conditions of the countries you are going to and plan how you can competitively ļ¬t into the labour force there.

What could possibly compel you to permanently return to Singapore?

A change in citizenship laws that allow dual citizenship and better job opportunities for minorities.

Any last words from you?

Even India gives me immigration status (Person of Indian Origin) just because my ancestors are from India. It allows me visa free entry and allows me to stay long periods. I am born in Singapore and Singapore treats me as good as anyone not born in Singapore just because I am not a Singaporean citizen anymore. Proves that Singapore is not a country but a workplace.

End of interview.

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