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Thursday April 26th 2018

Contineo Media owes staff salaries and unpaid CPF

Contineo Media Pte Ltd/Karay Holdings/Asian Television Awards

This company is the organiser of Asian Television Awards. Owes the staff months of salary and CPF. This is a continuous cycle whereby most staff will quit due to non/late payment, and the company will continue a new batch of staff to replace the ones who left.

The senior staff will try to persuade the staff to stay on by telling them that the salary is coming in, there are potential investors/buyers – yet this doesn’t happen and staff end up working for free. I worked for the company for 2.5 months and in my 1st month, my salary was late by half month.

Trusting my immediate manager, I stayed on but now, after visits to TADM and going through Employment Claims Tribunal at the State Courts, with the promise of having my outstanding monies paid in monthly instalments, there hasn’t been any sign of response from the company. A call to the company’s director, Raymond Wong, only received the reply that the company has no money. Clearly, this company has no intention to pay its staff – past and present. Yes, there are still ‘faithful’ staff working in the company, free of charge, still trusting.

My ex-colleagues and I worked in the company in good faith and doing our jobs to our best, but looks like there is no protection for employees at all. In the case of the company going bankrupt, employees are at the bottom of the list of creditors. It is false that the company director has no money because money that is paid by advertisers are likely not well recorded in the accounts books and might be used for investments in other companies. To date, there is another company that has brought a civil case against Contineo Media.

So people, please be warned. Do not join any company owned by Raymond Wong, unless you want to work for free and end up in debts.


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on our site.

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  1. Ex Employee says:

    Salaries and CPF not been paid several months. MOM and CPF is taking action against Raymond Wong. Raymond Wong is the director of the company which he owes so many debts. Take note on that we don’t work for free!

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