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Wednesday April 25th 2018

Jobless Singaporean returned home after working overseas for seven years and regretted

I have chosen to work overseas and for seven years – some don’t even survive for more than three. As a matter of fact, I was selected for overseas attachment since school days.

I came back in 2017 but so far unable to secure a job since. I will explain the many reasons why I decide to come back to Singapore upon my one year in Singapore without a job. I went for interviews several times, some were positive but at the end of the day, still not able to secure a job.

Of course I was telling interviewers other reasons and not the bullying factors. I will explain the various difficulties to find a job back in Singapore:-

1) Job interviews – not even one wants to do a online job interview when you were overseas.

2) Your achievements overseas cannot be counted.

3) One agency staff says job opportunity here in 2010 was alright, why did you leave? It sounds like only people who cannot make it in Singapore leaves (it was different from my time where only the better ones are selected for overseas).

4 ) You will be competing for jobs with people with working experience in Singapore.

5) I was told by my director in Singapore that HR does not even want to pay $10 more to keep staff, they rather go for new less expensive recruit.


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3 Responses to “Jobless Singaporean returned home after working overseas for seven years and regretted”

  1. Jie Ming says:


    Nowadays getting a full time job is no longer an easy task in Singapore. The market is crowded with plenty of graduate. At the same time, many foreigners are also coming in for these jobs. Unless you are much different from all the job seekers, it’s tough to even land a job interview. Besides blaming the government for giving foreigners an easier job opportunities, we must also agree that Singapore is indeed a very small city. As our economy mature, so will be job opportunities. Most employers will want staffs with lower salaries, able to carry out overtime without paying or staffs which have added values. In order to remain employed, we need to change our ways. And most importantly, save and spend wisely.

  2. LWS says:

    Thank you for the advice. I did get a few interviews with a few singapore public listed companies when I came back to Singapore but ultimately none offered the job. So far only 1 SME firm get back to me even though I sent in applications irregardless SME or whatever. Actually I foresee that market will be flooded with graduates more than 10 years ago. Your strategy on cheap labour = non competition = no one will fight for the job is a good idea. Working for the sake of working. Well, I am a cautious person, financially, I am debt free and can survive some years but apparently local HR will not see it postively.

  3. LWS says:

    To put this into perspective; I did not expect my comment to end up as heading. Anyway I do work till late night in the past. It was fulfilling, infact I was more than happy even to work outside my job scope with the previous team. I spend time doing charity work as well. It was rewarding. Anyway, that was the old team and I regretted not leaving together with them. It like Trump seeing predecessor Obama work as horrible.

    Yes, Singapore is a very small city but it often punch above its weight. It has a econcomy as big as our neighbour Malaysia and we are talking about annual GDP not just per capita considering our physical land size is 719km2.

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