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Sunday April 15th 2018

Singaporean with specialised skills disappointed upon return from UK

I specialise in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics which is a skill sought after in the UK and apparently I heard it is likewise in Singapore.

I moved back to Singapore recently from London thinking that my skills will be needed here and that I would be more than happy to help my home country grow and prosper.

To my dismay, I was wrong! Companies in Singapore, including the Singapore public sector, are favouring Foreign Talents from India over a true blue Singaporean like me! I am now seriously contemplating to pack up and head back to London. Better still, I ought to take up the British citizenship and then renounce my Singapore citizenship. And not forgetting I can withdraw all my CPF money and convert them to British pounds!

Perhaps after a few years later, the Singapore government may invite me as a Foreign Talent on a red carpet to Singapore and work in the data analytics profession. I feel I will be better treated and accepted as an FT than a local Singaporean. It is such a shame that my beloved country Singapore is still favouring Foreigners!

Anthony Tan

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted here.

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2 Responses to “Singaporean with specialised skills disappointed upon return from UK”

  1. Hello says:

    “Foreigners help to create good jobs for Singaporeans” … this the worst crime against humanity for Singaporeans !!!

  2. FT Preferred Cuntry says:

    Hi Anthony,

    There us no point kpkb now as you have seen the true colors of this little red dot preference over foreigners talents. These FT serve as a back up pool of waiting lists of newly converts citizens so that the ruling party can maintain its grip of power in this tiny island for a long long time. Local citizens working overseas coming back to their homeland would be in shock to know this reality, so its best to be very sure that when u return ur job is there & secured for u otherwise its better to remain where u from.

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