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Tuesday April 24th 2018

Singaporean with specialised skills disappointed upon return from UK

I specialise in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics which is a skill sought after in the UK and apparently I heard it is likewise in Singapore.

I moved back to Singapore recently from London thinking that my skills will be needed here and that I would be more than happy to help my home country grow and prosper.

To my dismay, I was wrong! Companies in Singapore, including the Singapore public sector, are favouring Foreign Talents from India over a true blue Singaporean like me! I am now seriously contemplating to pack up and head back to London. Better still, I ought to take up the British citizenship and then renounce my Singapore citizenship. And not forgetting I can withdraw all my CPF money and convert them to British pounds!

Perhaps after a few years later, the Singapore government may invite me as a Foreign Talent on a red carpet to Singapore and work in the data analytics profession. I feel I will be better treated and accepted as an FT than a local Singaporean. It is such a shame that my beloved country Singapore is still favouring Foreigners!

Anthony Tan

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted here.

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7 Responses to “Singaporean with specialised skills disappointed upon return from UK”

  1. Hello says:

    “Foreigners help to create good jobs for Singaporeans” … this the worst crime against humanity for Singaporeans !!!

  2. FT Preferred Cuntry says:

    Hi Anthony,

    There us no point kpkb now as you have seen the true colors of this little red dot preference over foreigners talents. These FT serve as a back up pool of waiting lists of newly converts citizens so that the ruling party can maintain its grip of power in this tiny island for a long long time. Local citizens working overseas coming back to their homeland would be in shock to know this reality, so its best to be very sure that when u return ur job is there & secured for u otherwise its better to remain where u from.

    • Anthony Tan says:

      Hi FT Preferred Country,

      I totally agree with you it is absolutely pointless to kpkb. I was only back in motherland Singapore less than 2 months. My barang-barang are still parked in a storage in London. I can always treat this 2 month stay in SG as a home visit vacation while looking for a decent job over here. I still have my indefinite British PR and I can fly back to the UK anytime I want. What I find amusing is the SG government has been organising Singapore Day in London every 4 years to entice and persuade Singaporeans living in the UK to return home, to work and contribute to the SG economy. In actual fact, they are just deceiving and bullshitting us!

  3. FT Preferred Cuntry says:

    Hi Anthony,

    May I wish you all the best and best of luck in your job hunting!

  4. L says:

    I feel disappointed too, thinking that our government will help singaporean coming back from overseas.

  5. L says:

    Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are niche and in demand. My goodness , what is happening to Singapore? I read somewhere which boasted that we are the largest investors in several big major economies.

  6. L says:

    Anyway, all the best in your job search.

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