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Friday April 19th 2019

Jobless head of household desperate for work as bills piled up

Dear Gilbert Goh,

Need career coach and counsellor to help me look for property job in Property and FM/MA industry.

In between jobs and in career transition, unemployed < 6 months. Should I write in to Transitioning.Org seeking help, advice and counselling.

Have face to face meeting?

I have attended WSG/e2i workshop & career fairs in the past, send in my resume to many employers in JobStreet, JobsDB, JobsBank and few in LinkedIn, unable to find / get related jobs despite lowering salary expectations, job status, facing age discrimination? Have to swallow my pride and eat humble pie – self esteem affected.

Bills and mortgage loan to pay every month, pressure and stress on me as head of family. Savings will run dry. Pray God will provide people to help. Please advise.

Thanks & Regards


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