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Thursday April 11th 2019

32-year-old technician earning $2400/month sceptical about getting hitched

Describe briefly about yourself Thomas eg. age, qualification, job title and salary range.

Thomas: I am 32 years old with a CET Diploma, currently working as AV technician with salary of $2400. Even though I have experience I am drawing $2400.

Why do you think that you are still single? Is it a choice decision or not? Have you ever dated before and for how long?

Thomas: I quote no $ no honey. I took few years break due to mental health issues that I wasn’t able to gain employment. Thus land myself in a hefty bank debt that half of my salary is now used to settle debts.

For the time being, I am nothing more but a slave as I don’t have much money left for anything else.

Ladies won’t want to hang around a bloke like myself so I pretty much lay low.

Many Singaporeans have mention that it is very expensive to start a family here, do you agree with the statement? Why or why not?

Thomas: Yes, many factors:

-  Housing unlike in the 70s now a BTO can cost up to $300k.
- Cost of living
- Education

Have you try approaching a dating agency or some match making facility so far? What are the concerns with such an approach?

Thomas: No.

Many have also commented that Singaporeans are materialistic and money-minded, is this one of the main factor for you remaining single?

Thomas: Some are looking at companion than partner, some just want someone who can lend your shoulder to cry on.
- Different goals in life.
- Different lifestyle
- Different family background

There are more Singaporeans now marrying foreigners, will you consider marrying one? Why or why not?

Thomas: No, it always never a good idea to consider a foreign bride/spouse.
Culture difference as well as if family is overseas then you have to visit them too.

Many people have also marry hastily to get a HDB BTO flat and subsequently annul their marriage – do you think the housing policy has led to more people hesitating to tie the knot nowadays with such high divorce rate acting as a deterrence?

Thomas: Disagree with this as housing in Singapore is a liability not an asset.
Most families are dual income in order to sustain repayment of the house as well as other household expenses.

Divorce rate is high due to:

- Unable to co-exist with one and other
- Dispute in character as usually character will change after marriage
- Financial troubles/commitment especially if one loses his/her job

So divorce has nothing to do with housing but rather financial.

How much of your own family upbringing has hindered you from ever wanting to tie the knot? Does your own parents ever push you to get hitched?

Thomas: They have never push me and I belong to low income family group thus I am not in the hit list.

Lastly, are you agreeable to join us if we organize some single get-to-know-you activities more to enlarge our social circle?

Thomas: Unfortunately not likely, concurrently occupied with setting up a work support group for workers with mental health issues and stress management. As I faced stigmatization when seeking employment even with mental health issues so I wish to push this.

To aid workers with mental health problems to be able to cope and get help. Currently is in planning stage as well as researching on Workplace mental health so pretty occupied.

Thank you and end of interview


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  1. Jie Ming says:

    Many Singaporeans have mention that it is very expensive to start a family here, do you agree with the statement? Why or why not?

    - Housing unlike in the 70s now a BTO can cost up to $300k.

    I think we cannot compared prices of housing in the 70s and now. If you compared than why are you getting a monthly salary of S$2,400 now and not S$1,500? Cost of living will gradually goes up. These including salaries and material items.

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