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Monday April 22nd 2019

Jobless PMET manages to land a job abroad after six months

Hi Gilbert and Albert (career coach),

Thanks for your help. Glad to let you know the drought is for now over and I manage to find some water. I finally got a job although not something I really wish, don’t really want to be overseas.

But well if you are not adaptable in this world, the world will adapt to exclude you.

Although I only met once with each of you, I think the insight you all shared with me has helped me a lot. Gilbert has shown me that there are a lot of people worst off and I should be contented. Albert advises on being more focused has also helped me a lot.

I revisited the book What Colour Is My Parachute, a book I read when I first join the workforce and forgot about it since that was a long time ago. That has helped me to narrow my focus something I guess I missed out on this point in time.

Thanks once again for your time to share your experiences and time to help me on the pointers I have missed.


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