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Saturday April 6th 2019

Jobless 60-year-old PMET unhappy with our national jobs bank

Good day Miss Karen/WDA,

I intend to pop over to Meet ‚ÄďYour- MP session to see Mr Lim Swee Say to share with¬†him my¬†concerns that the jobs published in Jobs Bank is not working in favour for Singaporeans, especially my category¬†-


My kind of job is available and very few Singaporeans are available and yet I am hitting the blank wall, day in day out coming to a year.

Elections are won, Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and I feel something needs to be changed as we cannot allow such procedures to continue.

Past 59 years we kept quiet and suffer in silence and when one reaches 60 years old this year and become senior citizen, one has to speak out for oneself and for the next few generations, for next 50 years.

Can I have the copy of the print out tomorrow morning, which is available in your WDA system to confirm how many companies and times I have logged in my interest, only to be denied an opportunity (to be shared with Mr Lim).

It cannot be that after 44 years of world wide experience starting with 50 cents an hour in naval dockyard, Sembawang Shipyard, foreign talent is allowed to take our place and we become 2nd Class Citizens when we are still fit and sound.


Phillip Ng

Editor’s note: This email is CC to us and sent to WDA.

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5 Responses to “Jobless 60-year-old PMET unhappy with our national jobs bank”

  1. Eng Fong Lau says:

    True, I agreed with you totally. As in my company, also hired so many FTs, more than 60% are FTs from India…they ganged up and retrenched the locals here…

    what can PAP do? I wonder.

    • Anthony says:

      This is something I don’t quite understand even until now. If these indian FTs can gang up and kick out the locals, why in the first place the locals still want to rent out their flats/apartments to these indian FTs? If every flat rental ads say “Strictly No Indian FTs” and you jolly well stick to this, then they have nowhere to live in Singapore even if they have been handed the “toilet paper” EP, S-pass or whatever from MOM!

      • xyz says:

        Haha, if you got extra property to rent out, confirm you won’t care if tenant is india indian or from mars.

        $$$$$ talks. This is also the reason why companies prefer to hire foreigners … either cheaper or got kickbacks.

  2. L says:

    Hiring FTs is one thing but I have seen personally FT who become citizen while some become PRs. They ganged up as well and take over the local.

  3. Seconder says:

    Jobs bank only served to waste my time. Wayang!

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