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Thursday April 4th 2019

44-year-old PMET explains why he is still single and not married yet

The population white paper, passed in Parliament in 2013, allows the government to bring in hundreds of thousands of foreigners to help bridge the lack-of-birth gap among our population. As the people gets more educated, affluent and self-sufficient, there is less urge in wanting to tie the knot and spoil the single care-free lifestyle prevalent among our locals.

The problem probably starts almost two decades or more ago resulting in a birth dearth which will see our population having about 25% of grey-haired seniors age 65 years and older by 2030.

The unstable employment situation of today’s turbulent economy further adds on to the problem of people wanting to find a partner and gets hitched which in turn contributes to the birth-rate problem among our population.

We interviewed Peter online – a 44-year-old PMET with double degrees but finds himself struggling to cope here after living abroad in HK for almost ten years. Naturally, he has no hurry to tie the knot yet…

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed online Peter, can you describe briefly about yourself eg. age, qualification, job title and salary range.

Peter: Age 44 years old

Double Bachelors – Mechanical Engineering & Multimedia Arts

Media Production and Music Production

Barely surviving in recent times – worked and lived previously in HK for 10 years and travelled to over 30+ countries on projects.

Why do you think that you are still single? Is it a choice decision or not? Have you ever dated before and for how long?

Peter: It used to be I travelled too much in the past, now I guess its because of the lack of interest in anyone here in Singapore.

Its probably by choice then I guess.

My longest relationship was 5 years, shortest 6 months.

Many Singaporeans have mention that it is very expensive to start a family here, do you agree with the statement? Why or why not?

Peter: I neither agree nor disagree – it is ultimately their choice.

As far as I am concerned, personally I don’t even want to be here. No matter how much money and or assets one has, the government will find all ways and means to suck every last cent.

Also, it doesn’t make sense for one’s kids to be born into a country where its citizens live under constant oppression, fear and a bias rule of law. For males especially, owing 2 years of his natural life to the government and ultimately reporting his whereabouts, similar to that of a criminal, on a yearly basis until either one is dead, maimed and or otherwise discarded.

Have you try approaching a dating agency or some match making facility so far? What are the concerns with such an approach?

Peter: I have not approached any match making agency.

There are no concerns – I have never tried but to me strangers are friends we have not met; some folks may lack the opportunity and or courage to take the first step, this service may be suitable for some.

Many have also commented that Singaporeans are materialistic and money-minded, is this one of the main factor for you remaining single?

Peter: No – it is always my concern that if I cannot provide well for myself and or am living with an uncertain financial prospect within the coming 5yrs, I, personally would not want to burden my partner in any of those issues.

As Forest Gump once said, “Mama says that if you have enough money, you have one less thing to worry about” – Forest Gump, The Movie.

There are more Singaporeans now marrying foreigners, will you consider marrying one? Why or why not?

Peter: Yes I would consider.

As mentioned above, strangers are friends we have not met. If there financial situation, the location and the feeling of both parties is right. I don’t see why not.

Many people have also marry hastily to get a HDB BTO flat and subsequently annul their marriage – do you think the housing policy has led to more people hesitating to tie the knot nowadays with such high divorce rate acting as a deterrance?

Peter: The draconian laws of this country is the worst ever. This is the only county in the World who would make laws that prosecute and oppress its naturally born citizens.

The law by which each single person is disallowed their own home until a certain middle age is way from the first dictator’s time where everyone here is “his child” and must be home living with their until they are married, thus having the notion of “having grown up” and hence moving out.

How much of your own family upbringing has hindered you from ever wanting to tie the knot? Does your own parents ever push you to get hitched?

Peter: No my parents didn’t pressure me much about getting married.

Lastly, are you agreeable to join us if we organize some single get-to-know-you activities more to enlarge our social circle?

Peter: Sure. Sounds like fun. Count me in.

Thank you and end of interview


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