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Friday March 30th 2018

25-year-old Indian software developer enquiring whether to take up $90,000 job offer

Hi everyone,

Need a little bit of advice. So I am 3.5 years (25 years old) experienced Software developer from India currently serving my notice period in a very well-known software company in Bangalore. My current take home salary in India is 23,00,000 INR per year.

I have a couple of offers in Bangalore of the range 29,00,000 INR(base pay + bonus, well-established startup) and also an offer in Singapore for about $90k SGD (base pay, no bonus, Series A startup). Which should I take up monetary wise etc?

After a lot of research, $90k SGD looks good considering I am single, but if I am thinking about the future, this amount does not even compare to my 29 LPA ($60.7K), IMO.

Also, I have a couple of offers from Estonia/Sweden for about 50-55k Euro, but considering the tax rates, I am not keen on it. Is that a correct decision?

Please advise.



It’s very hard for others to advise you. Work out your expenses in Singapore and work out if the 90k offer is enough. There’s such a vast range of living expenses here and everybody has different requirements. Do you get equity in the startup? What field is it in? Is it likely to IPO?

No idea how this compares to your 29 LPA whatever that means.

Do you prefer hot or cold weather? That’ll help you decide between Nordic/Baltics and the Tropics. And it’s hard to compare tax rates. Yes they are higher in northern Europe but you’ll get free, great schools and medical for that, compared to expensive and dubious quality International Schools here, with a healthcare system that is ran like a business.

You need to do some more research and make sure you are comparing apples to apples.


Editor’s note: The article is retrieved from Singapore Expats forum.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hi Canifex Neh,

    Don’t come to this little red dot if u r only thinking of monetary terms. U will be disappointed by the heartless souls working here till their last drop of the blood and breath. U be even more disheartened by the mindless souls working like zombies slogging through their days in the mrt trains. My advice here its better go to other first world countries for a career or if u come here u get infected by the culture & wouldn’t wanto go back as the infection become more viral than u expected.

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